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  • 32' x 8'9"
  • 34" free board inside
  • 2800 lbs
  • available as Inboard, outboard twin 250 Max Hp for speeds 50 Mph
  • 100 Gal Fuel Tank
  • No wood inconstruction, all light weight core
  • Self bailing
  • Makes a Fantastic Water Taxi or Tour Boat !
  • High dry fuel efficient ride in choppy waters
  • Priced From $32,800.00 Plus Power FOB Cincinnati, Ohio

We at allmand Boats have been building and selling Panga boats direct to the individual and commercial buyer for decades. The main suggestion from nearly every interested visitor is they wanted a true Panga hull design with higher sides, wider beam, would take more Horse power, have more room for storage and a larger fuel tank, be available as an inboard, outboard and I/O. We have heard you and now offer the ultimate Panga fishing boat for sale. Not only the best Panga boat ever, but also incorporated are the traditional functional hull designs we in the US have been accustom too that ride the offshore conditions in safety and comfort. Order your now. Construction rakes about 60 days and we can start as soon as we finish the first orders placed.

The Panga is a sort of unobtrusive estimated, open, detachable fueled, angling vessel basic all through a great part of the creating scene, including Central america, the Caribbean, parts of africa, the Middle East, and a lot of asia. The first panga configuration was created by Yamaha as a major aspect of a World Bank extend around 1970.[1][2][3] Pangas are generally worked specifically off of beaches.[4] The name originates from the panga angle which is regularly gotten, take note of the upswept bow of the pontoon which looks like the cleaver or blade called a panga. Notwithstanding being utilized by anglers, pangas are additionally mainstream with Somali privateers. Key components of the panga configuration are a high bow, limit waterline shaft, and a buoyancy swell along the gunwale, or top edge of the structure. The high bow gives lightness to recovering substantial nets, and limits shower coming over the bow. The thin pillar enables the structure to be impelled by an unassuming measured detachable engine. The buoyancy swell along the gunwale gives expanded steadiness at high points of roll. These components connect the panga configuration to conventional Japanese wasen angling boats.[citation needed] The first Yamaha panga configuration had a length of 22 feet (6.7 m), and a waterline light emission 5 feet 6 inches (1.7 m). The buoyancy swell at the gunwale expanded the general bar to roughly 6 feet 6 inches (2.0 m).[citation needed] Pangas are for the most part in the vicinity of 19 and 28 feet (5.8 and 8.5 m) long, with limits extending from 1 to 5 short tons (0.89 to 4.46 long tons; 0.91 to 4.54 t) and controlled by detachable engines of in the vicinity of 45 and 200 hp (34 and 149 kW). Their planing frames are fit for paces in overabundance of 35 bunches (40 mph; 65 km/h).[citation needed] The frames are made of Fiberglass or FRP, intensely fortified by various bulkheads, and as a rule have bow and stern encased buoyancy compartments.[citation needed] In the hands of an accomplished administrator they are considered greatly stable. Most pangas are required to have a working existence of in the vicinity of 5 and 10 years if legitimately kept up.